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Plum Crazy

So, it's been a few weeks now since Plum Crazy was released on the App Store and it's doing well, but not quite well enough! We've been listening to user feedback and have made quite a few changes recently, but the biggest of which is the support for the iCade and the Joypad App! Apple were very quick in approving v1.2.6 for us, so much it took us by surprise!

Here's a video of it in action on the iCade:

You can buy it now on the App Store!

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Life Stock

On bad days (like this one, where just getting out of bed requires a 10 minute rest afterwards) it's easy to think it's time to give up my freelance lifestyle and get a real job. However, days like these give me a chance to take stock of what's going on in my life (as well as some extra gaming time! I'm currently playing Uncharted 2 on the PS3 and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it).


Lesson #1 in Coping with Crohn’s

I've recently been reading a new book, The Foul Bowel by John Bradley and it's full of excellent tips for coping with Crohn's Disease. He seems to have been one of the unlucky ones and has had to deal with more problems than most sufferers, but his wisdom still applies to all of us (I'm a sufferer, in case you hadn't realised).

One of his tips stuck out for me, "Be realistic about what you can achieve each day".

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Frightfest 2011

Frightfest was once again superb. I was initially a little unsure about going because of the huge hike in the price, but it ended up being worth it! It was the usual oven temperature in the theatre and the only complaint I had was the annoying, posh student types that were behind us - the kind who seem to think they're much better than everyone else (they'll feature in my mini-reviews later).

I only missed one of the showings, the final one on the Friday night. This one was a documentary about a sub-genre of horror movies from the 70s and 80s and not something I'm interested in, so it was duly skipped. The rest of the films were all superb, with the worst one still worth watching if you happen to find you have nothing better to be doing (last year didn't have such a good line up and there were many I'd say to avoid at all costs!).

So, here are my mini-reviews (in order of worst to best)...


Maths + Programming = x

Some programming friends have been talking about whether having good maths skills makes you a better programmer. My gut reaction was to say yes, it does, especially with games. But, after thinking about it, maybe having maths skills doesn't necessarily make you a good programmer, maybe it just makes you a faster one? Or am I just talking bollocks as usual?


Controlling Complexity

A question from a certain flamboyant PR guru reminded me of a pet hate I have with modern games, especially those that are classified outside the “casual” label, as well as a few related things that I thought I might as well rant about at the same time.



I've decided to open up this blog to all things geeky in my life as I don't think I have interesting things to say about programming often enough.

So, to start this new trend I thought I talk about my desire to get back into Games Workshop games. I've been following them on Twitter for a while now (since they re-released Space Hulk and my wonderful girlfriend managed to get me a copy for my birthday!). I saw that they were redoing Warhammer, as well as redoing my favourite race - The Skaven!


Compiling PHP module for Windows

This is something I've had waiting to be posted for a long time. About a year ago I had to compile an existing PHP module into a DLL (for a windows install of PHP), in this case it was a module for parsing BB Code and converting it to HTML.



I figured I have to post something to get me started - so I'll start by saying hello!

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